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Welcome to your orthodontist in Meerbusch

After completing a treatment that takes aesthetics and function into account, our patients leave the orthodontic specialist's practice with a radiant smile.

In our practice in Meerbusch, we treat your dental and oral health the way we would like to treat ourselves. Modern diagnostic procedures, holistic approaches and sensitive therapeutic methods that match the personality of each patient, young and old, are our specialty.

We offer the best orthodontic treatment options. We are able to do this because orthodontist Dr. Julia Tiefengraber and the entire practice team are constantly undergoing further training and complement each other perfectly.

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Digital Center

Our practice has been successfully using digital treatment and diagnostic options for many years. For you, this means convenient, modern planning and implementation of your orthodontic therapy according to the latest scientific standards.

Digital Impressions

The most unpleasant part of planning for patients is conventional impressions with a sticky impression material that has to be pressed firmly against the palate and can lead to an unsightly gag reflex.

We use an intraoral scanner, which uses high-precision laser and camera technology to scan your oral cavity and provide us with a full 3D model of your teeth.

Digital X-Ray

Our digital x-ray machine delivers images directly to the computer in the treatment room. This allows us to discuss the findings with you and determine further therapy.

The biggest advantage for you is the much lower radiation dose compared to conventional or older X-ray machines.

Digital appointment scheduling

With us, you can conveniently make your appointment online without having to call our office.

You have an overview of which appointments are free and can choose a suitable one. This relieves our administration and we have more time for the care of our patients on site in the practice.

Digital Model analysis



In our in-house practice laboratory, we can not only produce orthodontic appliances and retainers, but also print the digitally scanned impressions directly as a haptic model.

A time and resource saving that pays off, because you can look forward to short waiting times and a faster start to treatment.

Digitale Praxis-Verwaltung

Unsere Verwaltung von Akten und Patientedaten erfolgt ebenfalls voll digital. So können Sie z.B. Folgerezepte zeitsparend online veranlassen. Dazu nutzen Sie bitte unser Formular.

Our services

Aligner & Splint Therapy

In this method, the teeth are aligned by means of transparent (= almost invisible) plastic splints.

These splints are wafer-thin and transparent and bring the teeth into the correct position with gentle forces.
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Treatment of adults

After completing a treatment that takes into account aesthetics and function, our patients leave the orthodontic specialist's office with a radiant smile.

In our orthodontic practice in Meerbusch, we treat your dental and oral health the way we would want to treat ourselves.
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Treatment of kids & teens

Orthodontics is an important factor in setting the course for later oral health. The earlier the better - this motto therefore also applies to visits to the orthodontist.

In our practice, our trained staff will respond to all questions and the fears of young patients with great empathy.
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Snoring therapy

When breathing stops occur, one speaks of the clinical picture OSAS (obstructive sleep apnea syndrome).

In this case, the lack of oxygen leads to awakening as a protective reflex and thus to permanent interruption of sleep with the consequences of, among other things, daytime fatigue, lack of concentration, increased irritability, memory disorders, headaches.
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